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Wolfe Lab | Translational Radiation Oncology 

The Wolfe Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab that spans the interface between DNA repair and radiation therapy in deadly cancers. The lab studies aspects of oncogenic DNA repair regulation, homologous recombination dynamics, and radiation mouse models of human cancer.

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 Research Program

The Wolfe Lab investigates DNA repair pathways leading to treatment resistance to radiation therapy, novel DNA damage radiation biomarkers, and the development of novel DNA repair targets to improve responses to radiation therapy. We are interested in understanding the molecular drivers of radiation resistance. Our main disease of focus is pancreatic cancer. We utilize genetic and proteomic approaches to address the fundamental mechanisms of genetic alterations in cancer cells, resulting in heightened DNA repair leading to radiation resistance. We have developed relevant in vitro and in vivo models of human cancer that mimic the disease phenotype in the patients.

The projects that we currently are working on in the lab are:

  1. Role of DNA repair proteins in Radiation Resistance in KRAS mutant Pancreatic Cancer.  DNA repair is critically important for maintaining the radioresistant phenotype of KRAS mutant pancreatic cancer.   We are studying ways to target upregulated DNA repair pathways that can enhance tumor control and clinical outcomes through “biological dose escalation” to the tumor while sparing the surrounding critical structures.

  2. Translational model of radiation therapy in pancreatic cancer. We have developed a clinically relevant pancreatic pre-clinical model to understand better the role of  DNA repair on therapeutic response. We use a Small Animal Radiation Research Platform combined with the high field MRI available at UAMS.  We are testing novel radiosensitizers that could be moved into Phase I clinical trials using this model.

  3. DNA Damage biomarkers for treatment guidance. We utilize the quantitative immunohistochemistry for DNA repair proteins on pre-treatment biopsy samples to correlate clinical outcomes following radiation. We can discover novel DNA damage biomarkers to personalize treatments for our cancer patients.

Key Publications

Clinical Cancer Research (Journal)

Radiosensitizers are powerful drugs that synergize with radiation therapy doses to destroy cancer cells while preserving healthy tissues.  In this publication we investigate miRNA as a novel radiosensitizer.

Read our publication here.


Clinical Cancer Research

BRAF mutation drives radiation resistance in Thyroid Cancer through upregulation of DNA repair pathways .Read our publication here.


Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

Simvastatin inhibits in vitro endpoints associated with metastasis through a FOXO3a mechanism and reduced metastasis formation in vivo.

Read our publication here.

Clinical Cancer Research 

Altered schedling regimen increases efficacy of the chemotherapy in resistant pancreatic cancer.

Read our publication here.

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Our Team

Henrique Favorin RODRIGUES

Research Assistant/Lab Manger

Henrique joins the Wolfe lab in May 2022. He has a MeD in Chemistry from the Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil. He has over a decade of experience in research.


Stay Informed About Wolfe Lab | Radiation Oncology Research

Bar Chart

Dr. Wolfe is awarded a KL2 award!

Dr. Wolfe was awarded a KL2 Mentored Research Career Development Scholar Award from the UAMS Translational Research Institute. This award will fund the research in Dr. Wolfe's lab for 2 years. 

Read more here.

Wolfe lab awarded Team Science Award!

The Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute Team Science Award supports new cancer-focused research between Cancer Institute members. 

Read more here. 

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Adam Wolfe MD, PhD

Principal Investigator

Dr. Wolfe is a physician-scientist in Radiation Oncology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). He is an assistant professor as of 2021. He is passionate about translational oncology research to provide better treatment outcomes for our patients. In the clinic, he treats patients with gastrointestinal cancers. In the lab, he researches new strategies to improve radiation therapy.


Oscar Zuniga

Labroatory Technician

Oscar joined the Wolfe Lab in 2021 and is a student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. His long term aspirations are to enter into medical school.

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The Wolfe lab is actively recruiting new members to join our team! We have funded positions for postdoctoral fellows and research scientists. Please apply below if you are interested in joining! 


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Our Team
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